Talent Circle (Private) Limited, a sister company of Envoy Holdings (private) Limited, specialized in providing contemporary and innovative branding solutions offers a range of communication solutions to clients with a passion to triumph the future of business. Inspired by ideas, at Talent Circle we identify the right quadrant for your products and services and as a highly motivated, committed and an enthusiastic team, we are honored to possess a great reputation for meeting client deadlines whilst respecting and aligning with the vision, mission and objectives of our valued clients.

As a solution provider, Talent Circle intends to fulfill the client’s branding requirements through Digital Marketing, Indoor & Outdoor Branding, Media, Communications & Public Relations and Event Management, giving a professional and strategically focused yet a very amiable touch and feel to everything we do. Inspired by Ideas, we are strongly skilled proliferating the client company’s momentum whilst supporting their brands to climb the hierarchy in the business world through our innovative communication and branding solutions.

With a proficient, innovative and well-organized group of young individuals Talent Circle provides an unbeatable service for you to market your trademark online in order to attract your potential clientele and to retain all the existing clientele in your business. Further, via developing your website to be the prominent among your competitors, we pave the pathway to reach your target audience in an extensive and diversified manner.

We are a multi-cultural and a multi lingual work force without any gender discrimination and understand the importance and the diversity in every aspect in business to acquire dynamic results. The capability of identifying different concepts and applying them for our production has been one of the foremost causes for the achievements of our business and reputation where we are able to meet the demand of any customer in any industry or business.

We Specialized in

Digital Advertising

Digital Screening

Graphic Designing

Social Media

Search Engine Optimization

Creative Media Artworks

Location Branding

Bus Halt Branding

Lift Branding

Print Media Advertisement

Public Relations

Product Launch

News Letters

Media Conferences