With the change and evolution of modern technologies, businesses have to change their business models accelerating existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies for cost effective, profitable and sustainable business. Higher conversion rates generated by effective digital marketing techniques will deliver profitable benefits for businesses in terms of better and higher revenues.

We create the ideal platform for businesses by providing innovative branding solutions through Digital Marketing and Digital Screening, marking the presence of your brand and business high in the digital arena. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team will proliferate your company’s momentum whilst supporting your brand to climb the hierarchy in the business world through our innovating online branding solutions.


Your opportunity to each a variety of Local and International customers through our exclusive Digital Signages at the most prestigious business location in Sri Lanka. Talent Circle holds the exclusive right to operate, maintain and advertise via 15 HD LCD panels at the World Trade Centre – Colombo, ONE-STOP-SHOP for a variety of local and international business offices, holding a daily footfall of over 25,000 with the success rate of advertising within the premises (96%) , higher than any other location in Colombo. Our principal mission is to offer advertisers effective and distributed business exposure to captivate the diverse scores of consumers frequenting iconic business and retail establishments in Sri Lanka. The HD LCD panels are strategically positioned to offer optimal, daily and distributed exposure to reach target audiences at the World Trade Center – Colombo.

social-media-los-angeles--100x100SOCIAL MEDIA

Your business should harness the opportunity to network, share and engage your business and identify the most discerning audiences for your products or services leading to higher revenues. Social media networks are one of new channels for your brand’s voice and content, making your brand more accessible for customers. Social media, the word-of-mouth marketing for digital age allows people to be more connected than ever before and online users are communicating in real time. Venturing into social media means opening up your brand to the world at large and to make sure that your brand is being promoted in a positive and effective way. Harnessing the social media to promote your brand the way you prefer it to be seen, requires a well thought out plan to achieve long-term results. We will ensure that the strategy for social media that best fits your goals, be it for brand building, link building, an integrated campaign or a long-term social media plan, will drive your brand’s online presence to success with flexibility, transparency and swiftness of response.


We create the visibility of your company website which results from a properly and well thought-out SEO optimization campaigns to boost your website’s ability to be amongst the top for searchers seeking your products or services. This will increase the targeted traffic to your site and greatly increase the likelihood of sales leads. Our main focus is to generate more leads and relevant traffic from Search Engines to increase the visibility on major search engines, improve conversion rates on landing pages and decrease campaign costs and reposition budget to provide a higher return on investment. (ROI). Our SEO specialists will guide you to create unique content for your site and also identify and expand keyword lists for each page since for competitive phrases, link popularity and the words in those links are the single most important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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